Why choose us?

At DermaSmooth Boutique, located inside Lavida Massage in Commerce Twp., we take pride in the unsurpassed quality of care we offer and the results we give our clients. We offer laser hair removal for women and men, skin tightening, redness reduction and pigmentation lightening. All procedures are performed under the supervision of our Medical Director by licensed and certified Estheticians with over 20 years in the medical, beauty and wellness industry.

DermaSmooth Boutique’s commitment to using State of the art laser technology ensures the most effective laser hair removal treatment available for all skin types and can be applied to all parts of the body such as the face, underarms, back, chest, legs and even the most sensitive areas like the bikini area.

We are driven by innovation in medical beauty and are able to deliver beautiful, safe and affordable luxury services with a focus on exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on educating clients on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a youthful appearance.

Times are changing and so are people, both men and women have become more and more conscious about restoring their youthful appearance. Whether it be from a specialized skin treatment for your face to unwanted hair for our laser hair removal treatments will make you happy.

Laser hair removal is not just another cosmetic procedure. For people who struggle with unwanted and stubborn hair growth, it greatly simplifies their daily beauty regimen and has the power to restore their confidence.

DermaSmooth Boutique uses the GentleMax laser, which is FDA approved and manufactured by Syneron-Candela. This machine is the goddess of all machines when it comes to laser hair removal, anti agingsunspot removal and redness reduction. We offer expert treatments to make you look and feel your best.